Leah Ashe vs iamSanna playing Roblox Shopping Wars in RB Battles Season 3

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The Roblox RB Battles Season 3 Championship tournament is in full swing as the third matchup saw Leah Ashe lock horns with iamSanna. The YouTubers went against each other in Roblox Shopping Wars across three rounds, and the winner of the matchup advanced to the semi-finals, which will take place in Adopt Me!.

The first round between the content creators was the Classic Mode Shopping Wars, but the second round had them beat the timer in the Survival List Mode featuring zombies. In the final round, they had to compete in a special RB Battles integration custom map.

The objective of Classic Mode is quite simple. Players have to shop for a significant amount of items before the timer runs out. Additionally, they must avoid getting eliminated due to falls and accidents.

During the matchup, whoever got the most points in the Classic Mode received one point. The round began after the contestants equipped their shopping carts. Leah Ashe immediately sprinted towards the shopping mall’s escalator, while iamSanna started after a few seconds.

As iamSanna reached the first floor of the mall, she was eliminated by a forklift and had to respawn on the ground floor, which wasted a lot of her time. Meanwhile, Leah Ashe was shopping for expensive items to boost her in-game score.

After iamSanna reached the first floor without any hindrance, she wasted more time getting confused with the red display lights. At that point, Leah Ashe was checking out her items and getting more points.

With just 136 seconds left, it was quite evident that iamSanna was going to lose the round as she had 275 points while Leah Ashe had 7000 points. So, iamSanna rushed to the technology section and started to pile up mobile phones in her cart.

She then headed to the camera section and filled her cart with cameras before rushing to the checkout with just 80 seconds remaining. Leah Ashe’s dominance continued as she was on a shopping streak due to checking out a lot of items.

Adding to her bad luck, iamSanna was eliminated for the second time by a forklift. The timer ended, and the Final Sales Mode began. Both contestants were tasked with eliminating each other using guns.The YouTubers chased each other for a few seconds, and then iamSanna eliminated Leah by shooting her. This was the former’s time to shine as she had the chance to shop for more items without any competition.

This was a challenging round as the YouTubers were required to shop and check out most items before the timer ran out while defending themselves from zombies.As soon as the round began, the contestants split and rushed to the technology section to add items to their carts. This time, Leah Ashe got eliminated by a forklift while she was shopping in the hat section.

iamSanna took advantage of the situation and got the lead by checking out her items. She racked up 1,800 points with 130 seconds left, while Leah had just 500 points.iamSanna’s shopping streak came to an end when she got herself eliminated by a zombie on the first floor. After a few seconds, Leah Ashe was eliminated upon being surrounded by zombies.

Both the contestant creators kept adding items to their carts while evading zombies and forklifts, never losing sight of their objective. Eventually, the round came to an end and, to everyone’s surprise, Leah Ashe won the round even with a low score as she added items according to the shopping list.

The final round featured a custom-made Roblox RB Battles integration map in Shopping Wars. The player who completed the round first was to receive two points.The hosts and the contestants headed to the newly-made RB Battles room inside the mall. They entered the rocket and got teleported to a new custom map that was set in space. The YouTubers were instructed to shop the most items and check them out for victory.

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